Saturday, August 15, 2009

friday the 14th. LOL

im daddy and mummy's driver tonight!
isnt that cool?
i mean, theyve been sending me to places on occasion for years
and tonight, im actly sending and picking them up from dinner.
although mummy insist that i do not have to pick them up
cause it'll be too late and its dangerous at night @@
(and she always forbids me to drive at night except when i have tuition)
lol but that means she cares for me and she loves me.
aww isnt that so sweet?
LMAO im going out of topic -_________-"

anyways, i forgot to blog about yesterday.
our exam was supposed to start at 7.25am
but who knows before roll call they suddenly changed it to a short assembly.
i hate assemblies(spelling correct?) esp during exam time.
and they jst had to have an assembly at the very wrong time.
i mean, theres alrdy gonna be one after EST exam next friday bah
(and its gonna be 1 hour 45 minutes long!)
gosh what a weird school.
and to at up to that, the assembly is about the Merdeka thingy.
omg then that particular "someone" went on stage to give his speech.
and as usual, people started to talk and only 35% of the hall was listening to him.
since he felt that he was respected at all,
he started to go hysterical.
yes, he yelled and banged on the podium and blah blahh.
he even said "CELAKA YOU" and "STUPID ...".
being the _____ that u are,
can u even say these things to ur students?
isnt that very impolite?
and ur setting a very bad example for the juniors u know.
gosh but i cant blame him also laa.
cause if i were to speak on stage and nobody paid attention,
i wouldve stomp my way down the stage and back into my office. lol
after scolding us, he started to talk about hw "great" he was back in college.
never knew he was that "hao lian". LOL
but the way he talked about his life was kinda funny though.
and by the time he finished complaining and showing off,
it was already 8am and we're 35 minutes late for exam.
good thing another someone annouced the changing time of our exam time
which resulted us to finish school half an hour later.

urgh, i somehow feel that ive woken up on the wrong side of the bed yesterday
cause nothing, i repeat, NOTHING seemed to go right at all.
and im having moral + sejarah paper 2 on monday.
people, pls pls pray for me yeah?
*miserable look* i seriously need to pass these 2 subjects.

ps: this isnt the first time he became like this.
pps: what an unlucky day.

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