Tuesday, November 6, 2007


YOU know, i didnt wanna blog actually cause nothing much to write about. BUT i was 'forced' to do so by mr dexter stanley. so here i am trying to write sumthin.
.................................................................... *sound of the wind* my mind's totally b-l-a-n-k right now.
uh, ive got it. todays tuesday. the 6th of november, 3.37pm. im sitting here in my room. 101% BORED. these days im like stuck to the computer. well more to sticking to youtube. ive been watching taiwanese dramas and ive watched like five whole dramas in the past three weeks plus. so you can see how bored i am these weeks. and i havent really been going to school. heheh lazy want go school leh. everyday do the same thing. run around the field. then back to the hall and sit on the floor till our asses get numb and go home by noon. you can imagine how boring is that. well, at least im not going to school anymore. ive given myself holidays earlier than the actual one :P

look at this picture. it looks nice right? i mean you look at the nails. ana told me about this picture and when i saw it, i was like 'ohmg look at her nails. whether theyre real or fake its plain pretty'. i guess my mind's still blank. nothing to post so jst blog about this. but still, the picture's real pretty (:

anyways, i guess im done with blogging. will blog again soon. i think. byebye ^^

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