Wednesday, August 8, 2007

. . .

sheittt~ thats all i can say for now. its like a friggin wednesday afternoon. exams in a week. and am i studying? NO. as usual. its like sooo boring these days. nothing good happens anymore. i cant even be myself. idontknow why but its like im pretending to be someone who im not. i mean do act sarcasticly but it jst isnt that fun anymore. i guess i think too much liao. and one more thingy, i cant even think properly. its like everytime i try to concentrate on sumthin, my mind will wander off and wont come back to reality for a long time. haihs i wanna runaway. go some very far place so i can jst cry my heart out. ive got so much on my mind these days. im so confused. at times, i think that my life is gonna be over but i wake up every morning in the same condition as the day before. i wonder if i die right now, would things be better. i mean like die in a non-suicide way of course. blehs i guess i really think too much. ive got very very heavy head right now. so i better go take a nap. ciao!

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