Sunday, June 20, 2010

sad sad.

i attended my cousin's wedding dinner a few nights ago at boulevard restaurant. it wasnt anything special and it didnt feel like a family wedding at all cause idk, we're not very close anymore? but this wedding did interest me a tiny little bit. why? because this was not my cousin's first but his second wedding instead. yeah, this dude was getting married the second time. his previous wedding failed because (i think la cause i never know the real reason behind it) of the too early marriage as his ex-wife gave birth to my nephew when she was just fourteen. that time, he was about uh twenty? O_O sorry but i seriously do not know his age. anyways, back to the point. as far as i know, his ex-wife is now 25 and my nephew is 11(primary 5). and from what i heard, my nephew never really got a good childhood. he lives with his grandparents (my aunt and uncle) and the mum would visit him sometimes when she is free. as for the father, i have no friggin idea of his whereabouts and what he does.

but whats even more interesting about the wedding night was this. there were a few tv's showing the slideshow of pictures of the bride and bridegroom taken in the studio. from the pictures, it can be concluded(LOL) that the bride is a chubby lady. well, the bridegroom isnt thin himself. he somehow grew fatter over the years. and and here is the interesting part. halfway through, the MC announced the arrival of the two VIPs. the moment the door opened, the two of them walked in to the dinner hall and straight up to the stage(or was it to their seats. either one cause i dont remember. HAHA) and then i noticed that the bride was a little more than just chubby. i wanted to ask my mum but she was too busy talking to my other aunts who were sitting with us. =.= so the dinner went on with food and karaoke sessions. and while eating, i overheard my aunt telling my mum that the bride was six months pregnant. WTF?! no wonder she was looking so *ahem*. apuuuu i mean like, again? if this is first time, i'll keep quiet. but the second time? wth, im speechless yet i still want to talk about it. gosh

and another thing, that lady, my cousin-in-law. she looks kinda really familiar and at first, she gave me the feeling that she was a nice person and all. but after listening to the "stories" going around the table between my aunts, it seemed that the lady didnt want my nephew to be at the wedding dinner. my goodness. give him a break la. hes just a kid, a mere 11-year-old. even attending his father's wedding is also wrong? come on, doesnt she at least have a heart or something? it was heartbreaking for me to know about this. felt going over to my nephew and give him this huge motherly-sisterly-auntily(o.O) hug. i feel soooooo sorry for the poor child. hes still so young and innocent. she cant just do this to him. i know she's his wife and all but please la, at least give the boy some freedom. and then i heard that he left after the fourth dish? omg and i did notice that when the bride and bridegroom came in, the boy used both hands to cover his face. they said he was afraid of being seen at the dinner? OMG sooooooo sad la. poor boy, he shouldnt be treated this way. :( if its possible, i'd hope to get the chance to be his mummy for a day. i'll bring him out to play and buy him food and what not(s). its gonna be fun to have a son seven years younger than me. HAHA.

p/s: all of the above was written based on my opinion and views only as i do not know the entire story. i just write what i think and how i feel about this topic. if it is too sensitive, then sorry, please exit this blog ASAP. LOL

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