Wednesday, June 30, 2010

im uhh, back?

i have good news! *drumrolls for about 3 minutes* ... and i am back to blogging. :D isnt that great? o.O i think not. LOL but its the semester break and i am friggin bored at home so yeah, i'll be blogging to kill time. :)

still, ive been neglecting my blog for two main reasons, which the first one with me being too busy with school stuffs(projects, assignments, always in school/no time for blog, etc etc) and the second reason is because im plain lazy. besides, there's arent much stuff for me to blog about also. not to mention that my english is downgrading! OMG i know i know, its like a super sad thing. i dont want it to happen but it just do. i hardly speak english anymore. its chinese everywhere. sad daoooooo. i want to go for english lessons! :( :(

anyways, *sound of the wind(woooooosh)* i dont have anything to blog about lo actually. but i'll still be blogging for the sake of blogging, trying to earn some money and also to kill boredom. i think my upcoming posts will be about super boring or uninteresting stuff about me and my not-so-amazing life. D:

so until my next post, TOODLES! :P

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