Sunday, May 18, 2008

wesak eve


and im sitting here blogging. supposed to sleep liao de. but nemind lah. im gonna make this a very short post. everything thats happen
ed today will be summarized.
ah, so this morning we went to church. had breakfast and came home. went to sunday school afterwards. i thought we're going back for lunch but in the end, daddy brought us out. mummy was at home preparing dinner though - shes cooking laksa. went to find my cousins at one kopitiam. but the chicken rice was sold out. so we changed venue. after lunch my sister and i followed my cousins to Desserts for ice cream. totally forgot that we have tuition until i saw the time. it was 1.19pm and i thought, "omg. vallamy and i both got tuition at 2pm and we're standing here ordering ice cream. gosh, enough time or not?". eventually, i made it to tuition after eating ice cream. i didnt bring anything at all. tuition ended abit early today. so i went home and found my cousins watching tv in my living room. went up to my room for a short nap and when i went downstairs, my sister was back from tuition and playing board games with my cousins.
had dinner at around 6pm + and went off to Nicholas' house around 7pm. my cousins, daddy and i went there first. my uncle was bbq-ing the chicken wings. we jst stood there and my dad went to take the mini motorbike to play. then my cousins said they havent been on it for ages so they took turns riding it. then we told jokes and kept on talking. then some others came from my house and everyone had fun. then we cousins sort of "borrowed" the computer as the owner wasnt at home. lols watched some really dumb videos in youtube. then we went outside again to talk. my sister and dad were tired so they went back first. i followed back to wash my face. then i came back. half an hour later i went back home again. checked my comp and i actly didnt wanna go back. but i heard Nicholas' car sound and since my dad and sister were already asleep, i hurriedly took the house key and went back to his house. yes AGAIN. and i was so rushing that i even wore two different slippers on both feet. and in the end i got abit tired and went back with joanna. talked abit and played the comp. then she went back to my cousin's house. lol it was a good day today. i laughed quite alot today. so overall today, my mood can be considered as very good. and this happens once in a very blue moon. lol
came home around 10.30pm. daddy and vallamy were already asleep. mummy was still at my cousin's house talking with my aunts. wonder what they talk about so much. talking non stop man. like from before 8pm everyone started talking all the way until 11pm. they havent actly finished their conversations yet. its jst that my aunt wanna go back cause she lives at Pujut. and its opposite Piasau - where we live.

my dad's ugly slippers. lol

siaw pei on the mini bike.

ahhh, its midnight already. gotta go sleep now. goodnight everyone.

[ AHVIAN ] ♥♥

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