Saturday, May 17, 2008


its been a long day today. quite interesting though. so im gonna start off with this morning. well, two of my cousins, Siaw Pei and Siaw Wan came back from West Malaysia, so my parents brought them to breakfast this morning. actly, they already brought them to eat since yesterday noon. so ummm, after breakfast my parents came back with my tapao-ed kueh tiaw and vallamy's kolok mee. after that i went back into my room to sort of "study". but most of the time i was looking at the computer screen instead of the book. lols well, halfway through reading, some unknown dude nudged me. we chatted for a while. it was kind of a weird conversation though. heres one small part of the conversation between me and that "Turkish boy". lol

... has jst sent you a nudge.

ME : hey (: you are?
... : i am
ME : yea? who are you?
... : how old r u?
ME : sixteen. you? where are do you live? and whats yr name?
... : a turkish boy. [inserts name here]. 20. thats old enough for u.
ME : owhh. you still studying or working already?
... : working.
...: do u like boys?
ME : ummm, yah. lol im a girl what.
... : do u like me?
ME : ?? i dont even know you.
... : r u virgin?
ME : of course i am.
... : why havent u done it?
ME : im not interested in it pls.
... : but u r 16.
ME : i know. but im not interested.
.. : i am interested too much.
ME : then i think you should find a girl thats interested too.
... : u r right.
... : thats a very good idea.
... : i think i should find 1 now. thanks.
ME : uhhh, youre welcome?
... : ok. then i wont disturb u. have fun. i shall go find some other girls now.
ME : @@ okiee. byebye. take care

short but weird ei? after the conversation i was like wth.. weird "Turkish" dude. HAHA.

well around noon, i went to my cousin's house for lunch. ate the curry laksa thingy and uhh, mak chok, a kind of dessert. its sth like red/green bean soup. jst that the bijirin for this looks abit like barli and when the soup is cooked, its white in color. its very very very nice :D

went to tuition at 2pm. came back home at around 5.40pm. wooo, tuition was good today. especially during biology class. its like 3/4 of the 2 hour tuition class was spent laughing off really stupid things. as usually, MR DHANA came quite on time and class went as usual. he gave some skill practice paper thingy for us to do. and since we already started laughing since physics class, we jst continued laughing at useless things. for example, mr accelerate. today he didnt accelerate much. only shake and stomp his feet, which was actly kinda annoying. his new friend, mr decelerate was okay lah. he looked funny though. at around 5pm we started to discuss the objective answers. mr accelerate answered really fast man. its like before the teacher even asking the question he straight away answered. and the way he answered was so funny that i jst had to get back at him. like when he said C , i said D. then E then F. then one of the answer was II and III. after he said that i said I and IV. the teacher looked at me and said "no no. hmmm, you trying to get back at him is it?" while smiling. lols and he asked kinda silly questions too. which was hilarious. hopefully he doenst know that we're laughing at him. but he is kind of childish and abit very weird. like when he asked about telophase, he suddenly said telephone. and he always does those weird actions. especially when he raises his hand. fuhhh, damn straight i tell you. its good to have him around also. keep the class lively. for us only lah. HAHA. and like while doing our work, the electricity went off. the whole place was in complete darkness. then the teacher went out and we followed. the moment we stepped out of the door, Suto went straight to the window and said "i need sunlight to survive". me and Chieng were like laughing our asses off. i mean, she had to say that and the look on her face was funny. lols it was a good afternoon.
[btw, if youre wondering why i call him accelerate, do refer to one of my posts in march. the one with the shuffle video. cause at the very end of the post, i posted a video of him. lols]

then at night, we had dinner at grandma's house. had this little gathering since my two cousins are back. f.y.i. they havent been back for some years. especially the second one. the last time she was in miri was like three or four years ago. and thats really long. so like after dinner, we kids and some adults jst sat at the living room while the rest was talking at the dining table. too bad the other family members arent there with us. if not, it wouldve been like before. eating, talking and laughing together. ahhh, those were the times. i really miss my childhood years. we used to always have family gatherings and everyone would come. jst like dinner the night before CNY, we used to have these kind of get together dinner during chinese festivals or for some cacat-ed reason. still, it was the best. but now, its like some of my older cousins dont come anymore. at least the kids are willing to come. if not, sure very boring. *big sigh*

anywho, we did have some fun jst now even if it was only a few of us. then my cousin took out this sweet thingy. she said its Swedish. it comes in a red colored packed with the word SNORE i think. it tastes sweet but i dont really like it. and it looks exactly like wires. its as thick as the handphone charger's wire. heres tHE pics of the sweet that i took.

this is the cover. ever see it?

joanna eating the sweet

really look like wire kan?

can see us eating the red "wire"? lol

btw, this is my 99th post. congrats to me. woohoo ! :P
well, its getting late. need to wake up early tmrw for church. goodnight everyone. sleep tight yea?

[ AHVIAN ] ♥♥

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