Thursday, May 15, 2008


exams' still going on and im here online. pffffffffft. tmrw we're having moral and pjk. im gonna try to do good for pjk and moral? only 10% chance of passing if stay up whole night studying. uhhhhs, lately ive been really moody. at least i can control my feelings so i still looked cheerful on the outside. haihh wonder whats wrong with me. hope this moodiness thing will go away soon cause the two-week holiday is approaching. i wanna be happy inside and out. lols
hopefully nothing bad will happen next month - other than receiving my report card :O - since there'll be holidays and mummy's birthday. and also darling joe's too.
omg, speaking of joe, i wanna make a gigantic birthday card for him. ahhhhh ! WU CHUN WHERE ARE YOU? COME BACK AND HELP ME PASS HIM THE CARD !
dehh, im getting more and more addicted to joe nowadays. i think im becoming obsessed @@
IF he really is gay, i tell you, i might even turn lesbian. OR change gender. jst because of him :P

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