Thursday, June 30, 2011

rain rain go away;

it's the last day of June and i haven't been blogging much eventhough my semester break has already started. lol i guess i'm just plain lazy and i've been pretty busy these few days. anyways, my results are gonna be released next wednesday and i'm really scared about it. to be honest, i did quite badly in my finals especially b law. :( really really hope i don't have to retake this unit or even have to sit for supp papers. i'd be really really glad to even get 50% for this unit. sad much. & i should really be working hard really for next semester now. i wanna graduate on time! i don't wanna be left behind and graduate slower than my friends. so people, wish me luck and pray for me k? one week until results out, i don't want depressing results!

ahhh, anyways, it's been raining a lot lately. and y'know what, my house was flooded yesterday. wtf the rain was so heavy two nights ago but idk why it never occurred to me that a flood might be happening. my mum came into my room early yesterday morning and told me the living room was flooded and i was like O_O oh nooooo. having floods once in a while isn't that bad actually cause we get to really wash the living room to make it clean but then, it's the process of washing it that's tiring. since daddy was having a severe toothache yesterday, i was the one washing the whole place. and seriously, it was very hot and exhausting. thank God i don't live in a huge house nor do i have a big living room. if not, i don't think one hour is enough for me to even finish washing it. lol but on the bright side, at least the living room's clean and smells nice now. but too bad, it's not even new year yet. cause last year, my house was flooded a few weeks before new year and it was just the right time for us to wash the living room. :D lol back to the topic, i love rainy days! why? just because i'm at home. i don't have to drive out or go anywhere that might just get me wet if i get out of the car or something. lol yeaaa, i love it when it rains when i'm at home. very cold and comfy. good thing i didn't wash my car. wanted to wash but it's either i got something else to do or i'm just lazy. but still, i gotta wash it sooner or later, right? oh and my shoes too! almost forgot about em. wanna wash my shoes but look at the rain, i don't think it will even be dry on time lo. but i'll be home these few days, so i hope i rains all it can this week and stop next week when i need to go to campus. i hate driving in the rain. the other day i was driving out, i could hardly even see the road clearly. :/

btw, i know this is random but new moon was released on this date two years ago! XD

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