Thursday, June 16, 2011

sem break!

okay, so half of june is gone and i haven't really got time to blog at all! i know i've been neglecting this blog a whole lot but i'm just so busy. and well, kinda very lazy as well. :P but hey, i'm having my semester break now, which means i have more time to blog. i don't wanna desert my blog but then, sometimes i just don't know what to blog about. if you have any suggestions, just leave a comment or something. lol so yeah, speaking of holiday, i'm having my one month break now and this time, i'm planning not to waste time. yeah, you heard me right. i wanna spend my sem break wisely. how, you may ask? well, i'm planning on getting enough rest! that's the most important thing for now. LOL then i wanna take good care of my skin(i've become very dark! D:) and i also wanna prepare for next semester! i've already gotten the economics and marketing books and lecture notes from my classmate so hopefully i'll have the motivation to at least got through each chapters of the units. :/

but it's still too early to talk about all these. i mean, it's only the first week of my break. and well, i still wanna enjoy. besides, june is still in miri so i gotta keep her company the whole week. i'll be having the holidays all to myself starting next week after she leaves. and i'm gonna eh wait, i forgot that i have to "spring clean" my room and also do some ironing as well! omg so much to do. i hope i can get it all done by the end of the month! *fingers crossed!

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