Sunday, July 19, 2009

i am back.

here's a summary of what happened in the past week.

1. my computer is back(after soooo long).
2. i had really bad headaches.
3. i did not go to sch for 4 days straight(including weekends). LOL
4. i had my very first blood test. + urine test too.
5. the place where my arm got the injection thr became "oh che" until nw ==
6. my internet is finally back! (i can ONLINE!)
7. report is out and im alright. thank God ^^
8. went jogging with MElo for almost 2 hours eventhough we ran like only 2 rounds? @@
9. had an accident at ss and omg my car's bumper almost fell off ar(my heart almost jumped out also).
10. went up to KB and Seria for Excapade, DQ and Supa Save.

so the above are 10 things that happened jst recently.
dnt wanna go so detail about it though cause nw really no mood lor.
*SIGH* but if u want to knw in details about any of the 10 things mentioned above,
do send me a msg or sth so i'll blog about it. lol

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Jackson Foong said...

Just drop by to say :"Be strong!"