Tuesday, June 2, 2009

last Saturday i went to church with daddy and mummy.
it was the last night for the Novena(chinese one)
it was held at the chapel beside my school.
so we arrived at around 7pm.
*deng deng deng* in less than 5 minutes my legs became super itchy.
guess what? i was bitten by sand flies !!
omg i seriously hate em laaaaa.
this hate of mine can be considered as fear also
cause im scared of being bitten by sandflies.
haha so next to lizards(this is my ULTIMATE fear + hate),
sandflies are number 2 on my hate/fear list(i think. LOL)
when i got home, i counted the bites and i had 15 of em.
apuuuuu ~
how sad is that?
and yesterday it became big and reddish and abit "kembang" u knw.
*SIGH* i cant seem to stop scratching my legs.
even when sleeping also itchy.
whats worse is that im sick again.
i dont think i can take it anymore @@
ive tried rubbing my legs with ice.
kinda works abit but i dnt think its enough
cause the ice cube is really small.
i think i need to move to the north or south pole laa.
so i have plenty of ice to use to make my legs numb.
lol and this morning, i even took out a red bucket
and filled it with cold water + ice cubes to dip my feet.
lol it isnt that effective but at least my legs isnt that itchy anymore.

as u can see from the pics,
(except for the last one) its taken yesterday.
that time it was still orangey
but nw its almost becoming maroon @@

ps: selling papayas can earn money :P


Lisa717 said...

OMG~ gal, i hope u r doin fine now..nex time do wear long pant wor..if not sure will b veli veli cham de lo~~

ahviann said...

yealor. that time i was wearing skirt ba. i didnt even knw we would be going to a place so near to the beach. haih