Sunday, June 7, 2009

Judy Zhou

sorry for the lack of updates.
ive been really lazy these days.
but not to worry, here i am with a short update.

so lately ive been addicted to 周定纬's 寂寞包厢.
ive heard it many times on 双星(Astro channel 324).
and well, i have never ever been fond of the singer at all.
he looks kinda weird and idk, hes jst not handsome.
you know, maybe i think its his funny looking eyebrows.
in case you guys dont know how he looks like
here is a picture of him(below).

see what i mean? @@
but to many people he might be drop dead gorgeous.
*pukes out everything ive eaten in the past 2 weeks*
LOL okay maybe i wont puke out that much stuff
but anyways, back to the main point.
his song 寂寞包厢 is really good.
definitely two thumbs up for it :D
another important thing about this song is the MV.
the moment i watched the MV,
all my negative feedback about 周定纬 disappeared
and suddenly he became very hot.
like hotter than chilies and peppers pls(LOL?)
i guess maybe its his sunglasses.
they make him look hotter than a normal person.
lol below is the MV of his song 寂寞包厢.

now do you agree with me?
OMG hotness pls :P

ps: people always say that he is the combination of Zhou Jie Lun and Luo Zhi Xiang.
pps: he looks so hot in the video that you might even think its two different people when you scroll up to see the picture again.

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Lisa717 said...

hmmm..personally I think the only thing attracts me in this video is his dance!! He really can dance veli well ler..btw, this song gt lotsa elements~

Thanks for sharing o^