Friday, September 2, 2011


yes, from reading the title you should know what day it is today. seriously, why doomsday? just because i have three assignments due today, at the same time. fortunately, i've finished my econs assignment on monday and marketing last night. but sad enough, i didn't manage to actually finish my other assignment but still handed it in. let's just hope for the best for all three assignments. :/

seriously, t's been a long and tiring day and i had replacement lecture from 5pm until 7pm just now. D: but the good thing was, mummy texted and asked me to meet them at mcd just now for dinner. was really nice having dinner with them at mcd cause we hardly ever eat at fast food restaurants anymore.

then after dinner, vallamy went back with daddy while mummy followed me. on the way back, the red light started to show, meaning that my car's gonna be outta fuel really soon. so instead of going home, i went down town to pump in some petrol. and funny thing is, i didn't dare to drive fast so i went really really slow and switched off the aircond. thank God the car continued to go on until i reached the petrol station. LOL

anyways, i'm just really glad that everything's done and i can sleep soundly tonight. eh, wait. i forgot that i still have another cib assignment to do. and it's due on monday! wtf ahhh, i guess i'll have to stay up all night doing it again on sunday night. :/

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