Thursday, August 11, 2011


the funniest thing happened yesterday. while being stuck at the traffic lights in front of bintang, i realize that i've been driving a car without the P sticker for the entire day. i got kinda worried but laughed cause y'know, who cares. it's already been the whole morning and afternoon. but then i remembered one thing. i'm no longer using my P license. i mean, i've been driving for more than two years now. the P sticker is supposed to be taken away what. but of course, i'd rather drive with the P sticker on just in case some people may think i'm still a fresh driver and will give way to me. LOL

p/s: this kinda incident has happened more than once but this is the first time that i'm actually out of my P license and driving without a P sticker. :D
p/p/s: i'm a safe and good driver, that's why i'm so worried about this and all. ;)

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