Thursday, January 28, 2010

a very tiring day indeed.
yeah, today i off day but im still tired.
why? cause ive been out the whole day.
woke up at 7am in the morning.
got ready and went to pick Siew Siew.
after that, we went to get Dominic
and had breakfast at 99 Cafe.
originally we had planned to go school after breakfast
but suddenly, Siew Siew came up with a brilliant idea.
so after makan we straight away went back to my place.
took me about an hour plus to C&P but somehow cannot print lah.
i mean, can print but the color very cacated.
so we went over to Siew Siew's house to try print after eating the Roti Pratha mummy made.
drank some green bean soup that Siew Siew's mum cook.
tasted nice but i was too full to finish it lor.
*sorry auntie*
lol we continued to print the document but keep failing lor.
so in the end we decided to go back to school.
reached there around 12pm+ le and got everything done.
everything except for principal's signature.
apuuu, he was at school when we reached there
but i think he left soon after we went into the staff room.
but thank God Crystal helped me out with it when we went over to find her.
as soon as we left CT, i felt good.
felt like a stone was lifted off from my shoulders
and i feel much lighter le.
no need to worry about these things for nw.

oh oh and there were many surprises for me and Siew Siew today.
like how we found out about DL and CC and DL's bro and their relationship,
and also about S and RY and some other interesting stuffs about them.
hahahaha and one more very surprising thing happened today.
my cousin's wife called mummy this morning
and told her that they've bought a new sofa for us.
wth a new sofa leh.
wooooo, wonder whats gotten into them but whatever cause its A NEW SOFA!
i can finally say bye bye to the its-so-old-that-its-at-least-10-years-older-than-me sofa.
the sofa in my living room is really super old lor.
it was my late aunt's one bh and we brought it home
after my cousin got married and lived in a new house.
somehow i feel that i'll miss the sofa alot lor.
especially these few days cause im not always at home lately
and i wont have the chance to sit on it anymore
cause the new sofa's arriving tomorrow evening
and i wont be at home! :(
i'll only be back by 11pm+ leh.
i want to see the ppl bring in the new sofa!
oh and did i mention that its from Lorenzo? LOL
im seriously wondering what happened to my cousin's wife and my cousins too.
suddenly become so thoughtful to buy us a new sofa :|
you know, the old sofa,
rats have gone on top and under it,
its more than 25 years old,
TDPHA Rahman Yaakub and YABPSDHA Taib Mahmud have sat on it before,
and ive been sitting on it for almost all my life(i think its practically all my life. LOL)
*not sure about this lor. heh*
but i really cant wait to see the new sofa too.
hope that it'll be comfy and pretty.
below are pictures of my current sofa.
will upload pics of the new one when im free :)

im gonna miss u so much, sofa :(

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